New Building opened January 13, 2020
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Upcoming Events  

July 26 - 30:  Extended School Year (ESY) Summer Program

July 30:  Family Swim
For more information, please call 605-626-2234

July 30 - 31:  Family Weekend
For more information, please call 605-626-2234

August 26 - 27:  New Staff On Duty; Orientation Days

August 30 - September 3:  Staff Professional Development / Classroom Prep

September 6:  Labor Day Holiday; Closed

September 7:  Registration Day; No Classes; Dorms open at 1:00 PM

September 8:  Classes Begin (School Day is 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM); 1st Quarter Begins

September 17 - 18:  SDAB State Convention, Aberdeen Fairfield Inn & Suites

October 15:  Special Olympics Regional Bowling

October 22 - 24:  Dakotas AER Conference at NDVS/SB in Grand Forks, ND or participate virtually

November 5 - 7:  Special Olympics State Bowling

February 4 - 5:  North Dakota Goalball Tournament at NDVS/SB in Grand Forks, ND

March 11 - 12:  South Dakota Goalball Tournament at SDSBVI

Update from the Superintendent 

We made it.  It might be three little words, but it might be the most important accomplishment we had this year when we consider all the challenges that this year presented.  It took the efforts of everyone to make it work.  I would like to thank all the staff for their work and dedication to keep our school running and our students learning.  The students also played a huge role in the success of the 2020-21 school year.  Their willingness to adapt and to continue down their educational path is to be commended. 

This year there have been many additions to the educational landscape at SDSBVI.  The following is a list of the additions we have made or are making to assist our students and teachers.

  • 10 Large Screen Televisions
  • Teacher Laptops
  • Student Laptops
  • Student iPads
  • Dual Credit Classes Offered
  • Sensory Garden Musical Instruments
  • New Intercom and Classroom Sound Field System
  • Therapeutic Equipment for the PT/OT Room (currently being installed)
  • GoodMaps Orientation and Mobility System (currently being installed)

These projects and future projects will serve as a valuable foundation for future programming.  Thank you to all of the people that assisted with these projects.  As this year’s seniors graduate and we invite students back for ESY services, it serves as a time for reflection but also a time for celebration.  We made it!  You made it!  The students have grown so much since the beginning of the school year and we look forward to operating next year with fewer restrictions.  Our world is forever changing, and we will continue to adapt with it.  I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer.  (Superintendent Dan Trefz) 

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